Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This site

This site is a sub site of
It contains the collection of all non fictional TG content.


  1. Iwouldn't say that my place on the web is particularly non-fiction in any way. O.k.i'm real enough but there is a hell of a lot of fiction and art on there.

  2. Forget to mention it's about "Saskia's TV blogthingie here.

    Saskia XXX

  3. Replies
    1. I am sorry, I get a lot of spam comment notfications per mail. I missed this ones in beyound. I'll check Saskia's TV.
      PS: There is a form for submiting sites and blogs linked on the main site.

  4. Thanks babe. Sorry for being a bit bitchy there(suffer from grumpy old man syndrome(lol)). Got me a hell of a lot of visitors. Will put up a link to this place later today......

    Saskia xxx

  5. Though it isn't a caption blog either. Mostly more art stuff from my own hand.